Dirk Fukushima

Producer/Director of Hawaii Stars Presents, Inc.

Dirk, a graduate of Hilo High School and the University of Hawaii – Manoa, has been Carole’s partner in Hawaii Stars Presents, Inc. since 1992.

He has produced and directed:

  • Hawaii Stars, the Contest for 15 years
  • Keiki Stars for 5 years
  • Jan Ken Po, the Game Show About Hawaii for 2 years
  • Chefs in Paradise for 3 years
  • Fourth of July at Ala Moana Center for 4 years
  • The Weinberg Concert of Extraordinary Abilities for 12 years
  • About 40 different Specials since 1992 Since 2008, Hawaii Stars Presents is producing 6 TV Specials a years that are designed to help, inform and inspire the Hawaii Community.

Dirk is pictured with his fiancee, Dale Tagami