Jasmin Idica

Hawaii Stars Keiki Starlet

For the first time ever, Hawaii Stars has named 11 year old, Jasmin Idica as our Hawaii Stars Keiki Starlet.
Jasmin is an accomplished vocalist who has swept across the island’s youth music scene, winning numerous singing competitions across the state of Hawaii, across the mainland and even Internationally.

Along with the Emcee, Brandon Kahele, lead for the Fab 4, they will be showcase some of Hawaii’s most talented kids at the Keiki Stars st the 50th State Fair Competitions.
Jasmin has been singing at various local events throughout the state, i.e. Adult Friends for Youth, DARE Program, Sunset on the beach, State Farm Fair. She is the 2005 Grand Champion for the Al Waterson & You singing contest, where she was then a regular performer with Don Ho at his show.